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January 1, 2006

New addition - a short video clip with a peek at the show and an interview with Hugh is available at the link below.  It looks and sounds incredible.  And so does Hugh, of course!  There's also a podcast interview with him there.


Hugh, I know you're not likely to read this on-line, but thanks for being so very gracious to us at the Majestic stage door, for letting me do this web site for you, and we look forward to seeing you back on Broadway in a few months!  Happy New Year to you and may it bring you all the best!

January 12, 2006

There are several new photos in the Gallery...look for them in the Concert and Candids sections!   

Three new Lestat photos have been added and they're gorgeous!

Click here to view them.

Hugh may not have been able to be a part of the special gala performance of The Phantom of the Opera on January 9, but Broadway's second longest-running Phantom was not forgotten.  A lovely curtain call picture of Hugh and Julie Hanson appeared in the Playbill issued for the event.  A scan will be added to the Gallery soon!

And a new lovely picture has been added to the Fan Art page.

Also, for those of you who may have had trouble viewing the video clip mentioned in the January 1 update, both that clip and the ten-minute audio podcast can now be downloaded here:

Lestat Media Clips - Pinned topic at Hughphoria

They are not to be missed!

January 13, 2006

Yesterday was the six-month anniversary of Panarophiles.net.  As of tonight...at approximately 9:45 EST...the site had exactly 40,000 visits!  Many thanks to everyone who has stopped by and, please, vist again as the site continues to grow and evolve.

February 5, 2006

Please note that the dates for the Lestat previews and opening on Broadway have been changed.  The first night of previews will be Saturday, March 25.  Opening night will be April 25.  Also, there will be no Sunday matinees until May.  The delay is to allow for the revisions which are currently being made to the show.  If you've ordered tickets already, Ticketmaster will be refunding.  More information about the schedule will be posted soon at the Lestat pages here.  In the meantime, you can check the official site for dates and ticket info.


Hugh recently represented the Lestat cast and sang the beautiful ballad, "Sail Me Away," at the Broadway Festival at the New Amsterdam Theatre on January 31.  Photos will be added soon!

February 9, 2006

Welcome!  Apologies for not having the site (well, the older section) updated in several weeks.  I had a bit of a bad computer crash which took with it many of the files for the original site.  Also, Panarophiles.net is expanding into two sites...the original Panarophiles.net will remain very active and house the fan-related materials such as the Hughphoria message board and fan art.  Everything else will be slowly transferred here to hugh-panaro.net.  There may be a few broken links and minor technical issues while the changes are made.  But be patient - this will mean a larger, better web site than ever.  For now, please use the back button to return to this page from any pages with a panarophiles.net url.  And if you have any suggestions for either section of the site, please feel free to contact me. 

Also, please note that the opening date for the Lestat previews and Broadway premieres have been pushed back by two weeks.  The Lestat pages are being updated to reflect these changes!

February 12, 2006

Hugh is featured briefly in this video from the annual Broadway Festival:


He's singing "Sail Me Away," his beautiful Lestat solo.

February 16, 2006

The Lestat page has been updated to include a link to Playbill's video blog for the show. 

February 17, 2006

Hugh-Panaro.net is now a proud affiliate of the official Lestat web site.  The banner will now appear at the bottom of the home page and HPN's Lestat page.  It will link you to the last news at Lestat.com.

February 19, 2006

A very Happy Birthday to Hugh!  May this be a wonderful year in his life!  If you'd like to add your birthday wishes, please stop by the Message Board and look for the thread.  Those posts will be printed and sent to him as a belated birthday greeting. 

The March issue of Opera News is available at the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop and should be in stores like Barnes & Noble soon.  Hugh talks about his training and his work in a nice interview on page twelve.  Here's an excerpt...about his solo album.

Opera News:  So let's close with a little teaser about your upcoming debut solo recording for Sony.  Quite a feather in your cap!

Hugh Panaro:  Definitely.  I want to return to beautiful singing - attention to lyric.  Some pop, some theatre music, definitely some foreign-language stuff.  I guess you'd call it an album of contemporary art song.

Also, hugh-panaro.net/panarophiles.net has earned its first star at starpages.net.  If you haven't voted for us yet, please do and show your support for Hugh!

And some sites for Hugh's current and former co-stars are being added to the Links page.

February 20, 2006

Two photos have been added to the Candids & Miscellaneous page of the Gallery.

 February 21, 2006

 We've now passed 50,000 visits!  Many thanks to everyone who has stopped by here and, please, come back soon...new material is being added often.

 Also, there are some wonderful new photos of Hugh Panaro performing at the May 2003 Sons of Italy gala posted in the Concert section of the Gallery.  Here's a preview!

February 22, 2006

Don't waste a second...check out Broadway.com's exclusive Lestat content...including a great video blog of Hugh himself that will be updated weekly!

Broadway.com - Lestat Video Blog

A page has been added for Hugh's upcoming solo album from Sony Classical.  Information will be added as it becomes available.

March 2, 2006

Hugh Panaro and Elton John talk about Lestat in a great video segment at Yahoo Broadway!

Lestat at Yahoo Broadway

March 3, 2006

More Lestat news.  If you've ordered your tickets on-line, they've now been printed and mailed.  An e-mail notice of this was sent out earlier this week, but some e-mail filters might mark incoming Ticketmaster messages as spam.  If your tickets have arrived yet, they will any day now.

March 4, 2006

Two new entries have been added to the list on Other Recordings page.  Both are early recordings of Hugh Panaro.

 March 6, 2006

The latest entry in Hugh's video diary for Lestat has been posted to Broadway.com.  He talks about the show, gets visit for a co-star determined to upstage him, explains how his goldfish got his name.  And here's hoping Hugh's dream about the show comes true!

Click here to watch!

Also, there's several new photos in the Candids section of the Hugh-Panaro.net Gallery.  Here's a preview:

Hugh Panaro at Broadway Barks

March 7, 2006

Hugh's excellent interview in Opera News magazine has been added to the site.  Look for it on the Articles & Interviews page.

Or click here to read it.

March 8, 2006

The latest Lestat video blog is a peek at rehearsals for the song, "Welcome To The New World."  There's a bit of Hugh singing there, too.


March 9, 2006

According to the people at Broadway.com, response to Hugh Panaro's candid and charming Living Lestat video "diary" has been great.  They've set up an e-mail address, so if you have a question for him, ask away and Hugh might be able to answer them in a future installment.

Send questions to lestat@broadway.com

(This is not Hugh's personal e-mail address and questions should relate to Lestat.)

If you haven't watched the video diaries yet...what in the world are you waiting for?

March 13, 2006

Hugh Panaro is just a bit "tied up" with his current project!  The latest Lestat video diary is up at Broadway.com and it's hilarious.

Hugh is blaming co-star Jim Stanek for this mess.  But, knowing Hugh, it was probably all his idea!

Click here to watch and laugh:


March 18, 2006

The first night of the Lestat previews is now just a week away!  If you would like to send Hugh your love and best wishes for the new show, there will be a special thread at our forum, Hughphoria, where you can post your greetings to be printed and given to him.  The link to the thread will be added here shortly or just keeping checking in at the forum for it.  If you don't feel like registering to post, you can e-mail your good wishes to admin@hugh-panaro.net and they'll be included, too.

Updated:  Click here to post your message.

March 16, 2006

The main photo on this page (of Hugh and his mask) is now featured in the new lay-out of Seth Rudetsky's Chatterbox site!  The photo was taken by Bonnie after the matinee of The Phantom of the Opera on September 10, 2005 and it's affectionately called "Phamlet" after Hugh's comment on the picture, "It's the Phantom meets Hamlet...it's Phamlet!"  Congrats, Bonnie...your photo is deservedly famous!

March 20, 2006

Something new in the Media section...two very good clips of Hugh Panaro as a guest on Seth Rudetsky's Broadway Chatterbox!  One is a clip of Hugh talking about how he'd get free ice cream during his early years in New York City.  The other is a clip of Hugh's very beautiful rendition of "Johanna" from "Sweeney Todd."  Many thanks to Seth for letting us share these great clips!

Click here for the Media page and scroll down for the new clips.

Also, Lestat was featured on the Hooray For Broadway spring special which aired on two local NYC television stations over the weekend.

March 22, 2006

Hugh has another video diary up at Broadway.com this week.  He pays a visit to the ensemble (as promised) and discovers that the camera has a zoom button!

Click here to laugh at Hugh and his fellow cast members

The Lestat segment that aired on the NYC Fox and UPN affiliates over the weekend will be added to the Media page later today!

UPDATED:  The Lestat clip and its teaser are now available on the Media page!  Scroll down to the last two entries to check them out - the snippet of "Sail Me Away" is absolutely wonderful!

Hugh Panaro sings "From The Dead" during "Lestat" rehearsals in San Francisco

March 23, 2006

This amusing description of Hugh comes from Broadway.com's Spring Preview page:

Hugh Panaro, Lestat

No, it's not just your imagination. The suave leading man of the new Anne Rice vampire musical Lestat was indeed last seen as the shadowy lovelorn figure, mask and all, in the baroque Andrew Lloyd Webber extravaganza The Phantom of the Opera. With a few minor tweaks—trade Lord Webber in for songwriting legends Elton John and Bernie Taupin, add fangs, subtract a flying chandelier—Panaro seems to have found his niche as the troubled, seductive supernatural phenomenon sweeping across the stages of dark, romantic musicals everywhere.

March 24, 2006

Along with Bernie Taupin, Hugh Panaro will be one of the featured guests at a special pre-show cocktail party, followed by a benefit performance of Lestat for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.  For information, please click here.

According to a new article at Playbill.com, Hugh's new solo in Act I of Lestat is a song called "Right Before My Eyes." 

Click here to read the full article with Elton John

March 25, 2006

Tonight is the first Broadway preview of Lestat.  Since the San Francisco run in December and January, many changes have been made.  New costumes, new staging, and two new songs.  I will be there with a group of friends from this site's message board.  Expect lots of reviews and comments there in the next day or two. In the meantime, here's wishing all the best to Hugh and the rest of the cast.

 March 27, 2006

So many things to update!  The first night of Lestat previews was amazing.  The entire cast of the show is fantastic.  There were a few minor technical issues with the scenery and a few flaws with the show itself (there needs to be a better transition between Claudia's attack on Lestat and the next scene, Hugh's heartbreaking "Sail Me Away.").  Hugh has an incredible new solo, "Right Before My Eyes."  What a gorgeous, poignant song and Hugh sounded so beautiful.

There are tons of new pictures on the Fan Photo pages.  If you have any you'd like to share, please e-mail!

There is a new drawing on the Fan Art page, too.

Also, there is a new video diary from Hugh at Broadway.com! 

Click here to take a look.

March 28, 2006

Check out Broadway.com's post-performance photos from the first night of the Lestat previews when Alice Cooper, Bernie Taupin, and Lestat cast members paid a visit to Hugh Panaro's dressing room.

Click here for the photos

March 30, 2006

A lot of people have been wondering about a Lestat cast recording.  Word is that it will be released in May, sometime before Memorial Day and that the merchandise stands in the Palace lobby are now taking pre-orders for it.  Details will be posted as they are available.     

March 31, 2006

Three more pictures have been added to the Fan Photo page!

April 1, 2006

Two quick reminders...

If you have any stage door photos of Hugh Panaro you'd be willing to share, please e-mail or add them here at our message board and they'll be added to our Fan Photos pages. 

Also, don't forget that Hugh will be a special guest, along with lyricist Bernie Taupin at the Elton John AIDS Foundation benefit on April 17.  The event includes a performance of Lestat and a pre-show cocktail party at the Hard Rock Cafe at Times Square.  For more information or to order tickets, please see  http://www.ejaf.org/lestat

April 2, 2006

Yet more new pictures on the Fan Photos pages and a new banner on this page.

April 3, 2006

New Lestat photos from the Broadway previews are now on the Lestat Photos  in the HPN Gallery!   

Hugh Panaro as Lestat on Broadway

 Click here to view the rest!

April 5, 2006

A wonderful new interview with Hugh Panaro from Playbill.com...

 Hugh Panaro - Lestat's Leading Man

Here's Hugh's comment on meeting Lestat author Anne Rice:

 I met Anne in San Francisco, and it was like meeting the Pope. We hugged, and she said, “When I wrote this character, I never thought anyone could play him. You are Lestat. You sound like him. You look like him. I have nothing to add.” Her blessing gave me the freedom to let go of any insecurities. It was great.

Click here to read this great, candid interview with Hugh!

April 6, 2006

A transcript of the new Playbill.com interview with Hugh Panaro (mentioned below in yesterday's update) is now in the Articles & Interviews page here at HPN.

April 7, 2006

Several updates today!

A photo of Hugh from his days with the first national Les Miserables tour has been added to the Stage section of the HPN Gallery.

Speaking of Hugh's time with the Les Miz tour, an interview has been added to the Articles section.  It's a candid chat with Hugh from 1988!

Click here to read!

And there are several nice new pictures from the first night of the Lestat Broadway previews in the Fan Photos section.

April 9, 2006

A quick sentimental note.  Today marks one year since I first saw Hugh Panaro in The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.  If someone had told me after that matinee that this site would come to life some four and a half months later, I probably would've told them they were crazy! 

What an interesting year it has been!

HPN has now passed 65,000 visits!

April 12, 2006

And after all this time...a new video diary from Hugh Panaro at Broadway.com.  This one features Drew Sarich (Armand), too, and a certain plush wolf!  You're welcome, Hugh!

Click the screencap for the new video diary:

April 13, 2006

A few new pictures have been added to the Fan Photos section!  Once again, if you have any fan photos you'd like to share with HPN, please e-mail!

And HPN has now passed 67,000 visits since being launched last August.

April 15, 2006

Some lovely words about Hugh from his amazing young Lestat co-star, Allison Fischer in her recent profile at Broadway.com:

She describes her Lestat (longtime Phantom Hugh Panaro) as "an angel on earth."

Still more fan photos have been added!  Click here for a look!

April 18,2006

A few new pictures have been added to the Fan Photos pages - please, keep them coming.  There's also a new blog from Hugh and co-star Rod Hill at Broadway.com

April 20, 2006

A couple more Fan Photos have been added to the HPN Gallery. 

And HPN has passed another milestone - 70,000 visits since last August!  Many thanks.

With the official premiere of Lestat just five days away now, if you'd like to send Hugh a short note to wish him well, please feel free to e-mail it c/o this site and it'll be dropped off for him.

April 19, 2006

Still more pictures - in the Fan Photos and Candids section of the HPN Gallery

There are also some lovely new production photos from Lestat!

Hugh Panaro and Carolee Carmelo in Lestat

 Click here for the new Lestat pictures.

April 21, 2006

There's a gorgeous new trailer for Lestat airing in the NYC area and showing on the official site.  Hugh's actually singing in this one!

New Lestat trailer

April 26, 2006

Last night, Hugh Panaro and the entire cast of Lestat really shone in the Broadway premire.  Some photos from the after-party, held at the Time Warner Center, are now posted in the Gallery.  But here's a teaser...

Hugh Panaro with Bonnie and Paula from HPN

Click here for additional pictures!

 April 27, 2006

A nice bit about Hugh from Playbill.com's coverage of the Lestat opening night party:

A punster ambushed Panaro on his way into the party and asked if he needed a good steak. The actor growled or groaned appreciatively—then proceeded to give a serious response: "I've been laying off the meat, actually, lately. During tech, I did this Master Cleanse. I fasted a few days and detoxed my system so I'm in this healthy-eating mode."

Otherwise, the entrance was pure Panaro-with-panache, looking lean, mean and, thanks to pre-ripped bodice, curly of chest-hair—the look of a fully, and freshly, worked matinee idol. He started in that idiom—as Marius in Les Miserables—and now he spends half a show hunting for Marius. "I know, isn't that kinda weird? I thought of that because my mom and dad are here tonight. They saw my premiere as Marius in Les Miz in Boston, and I thought, 'I wonder whether or not they are making that old connection tonight.'"

His golden tenor pipes are given a good workout in Lestat, and one of his best ballads is one of the last songs to arrive—"Right Before My Eyes." He called it "beautiful Standard Elton. When he sent me that song, I just about flipped out because I already had 'Sail Me Away,' which is a great 11 o'clock number. To have two big songs like that is a real gift."

Physically, the show is a StairMaster in overdrive for him. "I kinda always describe it as: You get on the train, and you gotta go for the ride. There's no getting off.' I thought I worked hard in The Phantom of the Opera. I work probably four times as hard in this—because I never leave the stage. I joke with everybody. They say, 'How's the show going?' I say, `Great.' I'm playing Evita Peron.' Seriously. Y'know, it's like you change your clothes on stage. You barely leave the stage, but—I have to be honest—I love it."

There's also a wonderful series of great photos from the party at Broadway.com.

Click here to take a look!

May 1, 2006

Broadway.com just posted a great series of opening night video interviews with the cast and creative team behind Lestat, including a great chat with Hugh Panaro!

Click here to watch...and hear the Panarophiles get a mention on Broadway.com!  (Thank you, Hugh!)

May 2, 2006

Hugh got a wonderful mention from Anne Rice at her own web site:

After years of anticipation on my part, I saw the curtain rise, and who should be there but my hero, complete and entire from the first second, so fully realized that I am on the verge of tears. Hugh Panaro was a giant as he moved around the stage with the grace of a panther. His voice was lustrous and immense as he sang Elton John’s rich, melodic and truly glorious music.

Click here to read the rest of Ms. Rice's comments on Lestat and the opening night performance.

Also, several photos of Hugh in "Les Miserables" have been added here.

There's also a nice video compilation of Broadway.com's opening night coverage (with a great shot of the curtain call) posted here.

May 3, 2006

A 2002 interview with Hugh Panaro has been added to the HPN Articles & Interviews page.

Click here to read.

May 4, 2006

Hugh appears in part of the "news coverage" of the Lestat opening night party by his always funny co-star, Jim Stanek. 

Who let Jim steal a microphone?  Click here to watch the video at Broadway.com!

Also, HPN and the message board, Hughphoria, were both off-line for a time last night.  This was due to an outage with the hosting company itself.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

May 5, 2006

Here's a chance to support for Lestat, Hugh Panaro, and the rest of the amazing cast!

Click here to vote at Broadway.com's Audience Awards.

There's some great Lestat opening night coverage from BroadwayBeat.com.  It features some wonderful footage of the show, plus interviews with Hugh, other cast members, Anne Rice, and Rob Jess Roth.

Click here to watch.

(Look for the May 8 edition.  The Lestat portion starts about 15 minutes into the video)

May 7, 2006


As of today, there are difficulties with the HPN message board (Hughphoria).  The problem is with the board system, Invision.  It appears they are being targeted by hackers.  HPN itself is not being singled out.

At this point, the only practical work around is to use Firefox as your browser when accessing the board. 

I'm trying to fix the problem, but tech support is not being especially useful right now.

The only other option at the moment would be to set up a new board on a different system.  At some point, I may do that as a temporary measure.

To get Firefox, click here.

Also, PLEASE make certain your pop-up blockers and firewalls are enabled.   Also, make sure your virus protection is up-to-date.  This is a malicious hacking. 

On a much lighter note, HPN has now passed 80,000 visits!  Many, many thanks!  It looks like 100,000 is just around the corner!

May 8, 2006


After a bit more than two days of trying to work around the hacking problem that has been plaguing some message boards, including ours, the only practical solution has been to close the old board and start a new Hughphoria from scratch.  The new board is located here:


If you were a member at the original board, you will need to register a new account.  If you were not a member, consider this an invitation to join in the fun (and chaos).

The old board will be closed, but not deleted.  There's too many great threads and memories there.  Once the hacking problem has been permanently addressed, it will be linked to the site and to the new board as a sort of archive.

It will take a few days to get some of the more important things from the old board copied to the new one, but thank you for your patience.  This was an external problem and beyond my control.

May 10, 2006

Several new fan photos have been added to the Gallery.  We're now up to eight pages of fan pictures.  If you have any you'd like to share, please e-mail or post at the message board!

Don't forget - this is your final chance to show some support for Hugh Panaro and the Lestat cast here:

Click here to vote at Broadway.com's Audience Awards.

Hugh got a good mention in NYTheatre.com's balanced review of Lestat.

Delivering a truly admirable star turn in the title role is Hugh Panaro. Lestat is a marathon role along the lines of Rose or Tevye (again, I'm not commenting on the quality, just the size); he is on stage for all but about ten minutes of the show, and participates in at least a dozen of the show's musical numbers. Panaro marshals his energy for the second act, where he brings the piece to its climax in "Sail Me Away," which is Lestat's answer to "Bring Him Home"; there follows a thrilling duel with Armand and a conclusion that at least I didn't see coming.

Click here to read the full review.

May 11, 2006

For those of you going to see Lestat - the souvenir programs are finally available at the merchandise kiosks in the lobby of the Palace.

May 12, 2006

From Playbill.com - Hugh Panaro will be elligible for a Tony Award nomination for Lestat.  The nominations themselves will be announced on May 16.

May 16, 2006

Many congratulations to Carolee Carmello and Susan Hilferty (costumes) for their Tony Award nominations for Lestat

 May 19, 2006

Please continue to show support for Hugh Panaro and the amazing cast of Lestat by voting in Broadway World's 2006 Theatre Fans' Choice Awards:


At last, official news on the Lestat cast recording!  Hugh said that they will be in studio on May 22 and here's the details from Playbill.com:


May 22, 2006

A ninth page of fan photos has been added to HPN.  Again, if you have a picture with Hugh you'd like posted, please e-mail or share it at our message board.

May 23, 2006


Lestat will give its final performance on May 28.  Much love and best wishes to Hugh and the rest of this amazing cast.

There's new photos of Hugh and the Lestat cast in the recording studio posted:



 Hugh showing some appreciation for fan gifts!

May 26, 2006

A lovely comment on Hugh from his wonderful Lestat co-star, Carolee Carmello in a recent interview:

"Hugh Panaro is just the dream of leading men to work with because he's just so sweet, so generous, so hardworking, so lovely. And I couldn't ask for a better partner."

There are also new fan photos - we're up to ten pages of them now!  But keep them coming!

 May 29, 2006

Apologies for the lack of updates these past few days.  The reason was double-fold;  a rushed trip to New York City to see the final performance of Lestat and the unexpected demise of a certain computer. 

Hugh Panaro's final perfomance as Lestat was so powerful and beautiful and moving.  Much love to him and to this entire wonderful cast.  And here's looking forward to seeing everyone in future projects. 

Also, many, many thanks to everyone who sent in notes and such for Hugh.  They were printed in the nick of time (before the laptop expired) and were tucked in a gift bag for Hugh. 

If you have any fan photos you'd like to share, especially from his final day in Lestat, please e-mail or post them on the message board.

Some new fan pictures will be up shortly - in the meantime, here's Hugh and Paula, HPN's site admin, with a great sign made by one of the Panarophiles for the final performance of Lestat.

May 31, 2006

Several new pictures have been added to the Candids and Fan Photos sections of the HPN Gallery!

June 6, 2006

Several new photos on the Candids page of the Gallery!

Also, the Lestat cast recording should be released on July 11.  Additional information will be added as it becomes available.

June 11, 2006

There is a problem with the HPN message board.  The board itself can be viewed, the topics and threads are returning an error message.  A new board is being set up right away.  Thank you for your patience.  Please check back for the link to the new board later today.

June 12, 2006

Exactly ten months after it was started, Hugh-Panaro.net/Panarophiles.net has passed 100,000 visitors!

Also, the problem with the message board was not fixable.  A brand new message board has been set up. There was a minor delay due to wireless problems.  Thank you again for your patience.  Please take a few minutes to re-register at the new board (or register for the first time if you are new).


 June 14, 2006

There are several new Fan Photos and Candids in the HPN Gallery, as well as a new page for Martin Guerre photos.

June 19, 2006

Yet another great photo of Hugh Panaro from the Lestat Broadway premiere back in April.          














 June 21, 2006

There's several new pictures in the Fan Photo pages (which have been slightly re-organized).  As always, news photos are more than welcome!

Also, the Media page has several new video clips, including a brief, but sublime clip of Hugh Panaro performing "The Music of The Night" in Times Square, his cameo on "Law and Order," and another wickedly funny excerpt from his Chatterbox interview.

June 29, 2006

There are several new photos of Hugh Panaro and other Lestat cast members at work on the show's cast recording.  All of the cast recording photos have been moved from the Candids page to a new page.  Click here to view

Also, there is still no official news about the release date for the Lestat cast recording as of today.  If any details become available, they will be posted here immediately.

July 8, 2006


As of today, there is NO OFFICIAL NEWS on the Lestat cast recording, although the cast has initially been told to expect it in July  Please take a few minutes to write to the head of TimeWarner to ask for a definite release date and to show your support for Hugh Panaro and the entire cast of Lestat.

Click here for contact information

July 18, 2006


According to Gregg Maday, the producer for the show, the decision to release the cast recording lies solely with Mercury Records.  If you'd like to support Hugh, the rest of the cast, and this recording, please write to Mercury. 

Click here for contact information.

July 25, 2006

Design a banner to help celebrate HPN's first anniversary!

Also, please join our Memory Quilt project!

August 1, 2006

Vote now for to select a special banner to celebrate this site's anniversary!

Also, another fan photo (from Hugh's time as The Phantom) has been added here

August 2, 2006

Please check the link below for current information about the Lestat cast recording.  According to Sir Elton John's official site, there are "no plans" to release it at present.  Let's not have the hard work and talent of Hugh Panaro and the wonderful Lestat cast tossed aside.  Current contact information is listed; please write and show your support for the release of this recording as soon as possible!

Lestat Cast Recording News

Also, on September 17, Hugh Panaro will be giving a special performance at the Bucks County Cabaret benefit for amfAR.

Click here for details

August 6, 2006

Many of the site banners and buttons are being redone.  They should all be finished by the end of this week...just in time for this site's first anniversary!  Yes, August 12 will mark one year since Hugh-Panaro.net/Panarophiles.net made its debut.

Side Show now has its own page in the Gallery.  Also, Playbills from some of the shows Hugh Panaro has appeared have been added to various pages of the Gallery.  And there's three new Les Miserables production photos, including one of Hugh in rehearsal.

And don't forget to vote now for to select a special banner to celebrate this site's anniversary!

August 9, 2006,

Tomorrow is the last day to vote in the birthday banner contest for the site.

Click here to vote now

The Media page has been updated and all clips are now viewable without downloading or leaving HPN.  Another Lestat clip - a short Fox News piece featuring Hugh Panaro backstage at the Palace (and a brief appearance from Drew Sarich) has been added, too.

August 12, 2006

Today marks the first anniversary of Hugh-Panaro.net!  A year ago today, the site was launched at its original URL.  For a glimpse of how the site looked back then, click here.

August 24, 2006

The campaign to support the release of the Lestat cast recording has "gone live" with its own website.  Please visit the link below to show your support for Hugh Panaro and the entire cast of Lestat by joining the campaign!


August 29, 2006

It's now official!  Hugh Panaro will be playing Bobby in Company at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle, Washington from October 17 through November 5.  Watch this site for updates as they become available and best wishes to Hugh for his newest role!

from Playbill.com

from BroadwayWorld.com

5th Avenue Theater

August 30, 2006

Another short news piece about Hugh Panaro in Company.

from TheaterMania

August 31, 2006

 A page for Hugh Panaro's new project, Company, at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theater has been added to the site.  New information will be added there as it arrives!

Click here for Company

September 7, 2006

"Broadway's Hugh Panaro (Lestat, Les Misérables, Martin Guerre) will star as Robert, who celebrates his 35th birthday with a collection of his single, married and soon-to-be-divorced friends. Together, the talented cast of 14 Broadway and Seattle all-stars will examine the difficult questions surrounding love, commitment and marriage."

Check the new Company page for the full press release from 5th Avenue Theater!  

September 11, 2006

If you'd like to show some early support for Hugh Panaro's upcoming solo album, please click the link below to sign up for updates at Sony BMG.  The link is also available on the Solo Album and Recordings pages.

Hugh Panaro Recording News

Some curtain call pictures from the final performance of Lestat will be added shortly. 

And, don't forget, Hugh will be appearing at the Bucks County Cabaret to benefit amFAR this coming Sunday.  Reservations are very limited now.  Click the link below for details.

Bucks County Cabaret - Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania - September 17

September 12, 2006

As promised, some photos of Hugh Panaro and other Lestat cast members during the final curtain call on May 28.  Thank you, Jan, they're beautiful!

Click here and scroll down for the photos

September 18, 2006

Last night, Hugh Panaro returned to the stage in brilliant form at the Bucks County Cabaret to benefit amFAR's AIDS research programs.  Expect many pictures from this wonderful evening in the next day or so.  In the meantime, a photo:

September 19, 2006

As promised, the first of many pictures from Hugh Panaro's performance at the Bucks County Cabaret have been posted.  There's still more to come from this phenomenal evening.

Hugh Panaro at the Bucks County Cabaret

And a video clip of Hugh singing "Being Alive" at the benefit has been added to the page for Company

September 20, 2006

A few more photos of Hugh performing at the Bucks County Cabaret have been added to the site. 

September 22, 2006

Eight wonderful new clips of Hugh Panaro in concert have been added to the Media page.  They are not to be missed!

September 23, 2006

Hugh-Panaro.net just passed another milestone - as of today, we've passed 150,000 visits to the site!

September 28, 2006

Still more photos of Hugh Panaro performing at the Bucks County Cabaret benefit earlier this month have been added to the site.  And a flyer from I Have Found Home, one of Hugh's very first roles in New York City has been added to the Gallery.

September 25, 2006

A photo of Hugh from the early 90s has been added to the Headshots page of the Gallery and a photo of Hugh introducing his dog, Soot, to friends has been added to the Candids page. 

There are many more photos from last week's benefit, too!

Following Hugh's wonderful performance, a group of friends from this site presented him with a very special gift - a beautiful memory quilt.  A page with photos of Hugh and the Panarophiles Quilt has been added to the site.  Be sure to take a look at the pictures.  Hugh was so touched by the gift and his reaction was wonderful.

September 28, 2006

 Still more photos of Hugh Panaro performing at the Bucks County Cabaret benefit earlier this month have been added to the site.  And a flyer from I Have Found Home, one of Hugh's very first roles in New York City has been added to the Gallery.      

October 1, 2006

Today marks one year since Hugh Panaro's final performance in The Phantom of the Opera.  For a look back at Hugh as the Opera Ghost, please visit the Phantom page in our Gallery.  For a transcript of Sandra Joseph's lovely farewell speech to him, click here.  There are several Phantom-related clips on the Media page, including an interview and a beautiful clip of Hugh singing "The Music of The Night" in concert.

Looking ahead, don't forget that Hugh will be starring as Bobby in Sondheim's Company at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle from October 15 through November 7. 

Also, a brief update on Hugh's solo album.  He says he is still in the process of selecting songs and that he has about five of thirteen chosen.  Check back here for information on this long-awaited project as it becomes available!

 October 2, 2006

The first pre-production photos of Hugh Panaro in the 5th Avenue Theater production of Company are now in the HPN Gallery!

Click here for the Company photos.

October 3, 2006

On Hugh's behalf, I want to say thank you to everyone who took part in making the Panarophiles Memory Quilt which was presented to him following his Bucks County Cabaret performance on September 17.  He says the quilt is "amazing" and that he was blown away by it.  ~ Paula

October 4, 2006

Video from the 5th Avenue Theater's Spotlight Night feature on Company is now available.  The entire cast, including Hugh Panaro, is featured, discussing their roles and singing songs from a variety of Sondheim shows.  Hugh sings "Johanna" from Sweeney Todd and talks about music, acting, relationships, and his character, Bobby.

Click here to watch

October 8, 2006

Some more wonderful photos of Hugh Panaro performing at the September 17 Bucks County Cabaret have been added to the site!  And several new pictures of Hugh receiving the Panarophiles Memory Quilt have been added, too.  There's also a few new fan photos.

October 13, 2006

Hugh talks about cookies, Soot, Sally (his fish), and being on stage in his underwear in a Company interview from Seattlepi.com.

The cookies are calling, but Panaro keeps company with the gym for this role

For everyone waiting for more news of Hugh's solo album, he mentions that he's recording Ennio Morricone's "Desire" for it while he's in Seattle.     

October 17, 2006

Company opens tonight at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle.  Hugh will be playing the leading role of Bobby in this landmark Sondheim musical.  Here's wishing him all the best with his new show.  Break a leg, Hugh - everyone's love and good thoughts are with you tonight!

Hugh Panaro Headlines Seattle Company of Company at the 5th Avenue Theater - from Playbill.com - October 17, 2006

Also, a page with excerpts of miscellaneous reviews of shows Hugh has performed in over the course of his career is being added to the Articles & Interviews section of the HPN.

October 18, 2006

A very charming article about Hugh Panaro, his former Side Show co-star Alice Ripley, and a little plush zebra named Zippy has been added to the Articles & Interviews page.  Thanks to Bonnie for finding this gem.

Two In The Trenches - Hugh Panaro and Alice Ripley

October 20, 2006

New production photos of Hugh Panaro in the 5th Avenue Theater's Production of Company have been added.

Click here to view all of the Company photos.

October 21, 2006

A very good review of Company appeared in The Daily Herald. 

Robert, or Bobby, who was superbly played by Hugh Panaro, was as dreamy as I had dreamed: boyish, cute in a Tom Cruisey way...

Heraldnet.com - Sondheim's Classic Company Still Has It    

October 23, 2006

A new picture of Hugh and a friend in Seattle has been added to the HPN Fan Photo pages. 

Also, updates to the site might be a bit slow for the remainder of this week since I'll be flying out to Seattle to see Hugh in Company.  I'll be taking along the laptop and will definitely check in at the message board, but I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to update the main page until I return. ~ Paula

October 24, 2006

Two reviews have been added to the Company page.

October 27, 3006

For all the people who loved and miss Hugh Panaro's Lestat video diary, here's a little something for you!  Also, expect a surprise on the site in a day or two - a little something special from him here in Seattle.

October 28, 2006

For everyone who has been waiting for an update on Hugh's debut CD, I was able to talk to Hugh about it for an interview while in Seattle.  The full audio interview (and it's a good one) will be added to the site in a day or so, but a transcript of his comments about the CD has been posted on the Solo Album page.

October 29, 2006

During my visit to Seattle to see him in Company, Hugh Panaro agreed to do an interview for the site.  This is something I've been hoping to do since the Lestat previews and it was well worth the wait.  Hugh discusses playing Bobby, his dogs, memorable roles, his solo album, and the future.

Hugh Panaro - Interview from Seattle

Hugh received some much deserved praise for his wonderful performance as Bobby in Company in a review from BroadwayWorld:

Hugh Panaro is a fantastic Bobby.  Panaro brings his big voice and solid acting chops to one of the trickiest roles in the canon....Mr. Panaro constructs Bobby as a tortured soul eager to find purpose and companionship....Panaro offers quiet moments of insight, spots of deep pain, and stunning interpretations of his big solo numbers. His “Someone is Waiting” and “Being Alive” are highlights of this exquisetly accomplished performance. Panaro is clearly the leader of Broadway’s dwindling supply of great leading men."

The full review can be read here:

The Little Things They Do Together

November 1, 2006

Another very fine review of Hugh in Company at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theater:

As Bobby, the inveterate bachelor, Hugh Panaro has undeniable star power; eyeing the romantic shenanigans and uptight neuroses of the married couples around him, he registers a wide-eyed bemusement that just hints at the commitment-phobe beneath his buttoned-down exterior.

from SeattleWeekly.com's Stage Calendar

Don't forget - this is Company's final week and it's a fantastic show that shouldn't be missed.  Hugh and the entire cast are wonderful!

November 6, 2006

Another very good review of Hugh Panaro in Company has been added here.  Also, there's two updated photos on the Staff page.

We're working to compile a FAQ page for the site.  If you have any suggestions for it, please e-mail!  Many thanks!   

November 7, 2006

Several new photos of Hugh Panaro have been added to the site.  They can be found in the Concert, Candids, and Other Stage Roles pages of the Gallery.  Here's a quick preview:

November, 10, 2006

Hugh Panaro will be performing with the Oregon Symphony at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts' Arlene Schwitzer Concert Hall,   November 25, 26, and 27.  Additional details will be posted as they become available.  Information is available here:

A Broadway Romance - Oregon Symphony

November 12, 2006

The Candids page of the Gallery is being split into two sections since it's getting too large for a single page.  There are some new pictures in the first section, too.

November 26, 2006

Hugh Panaro and soprano Patty Goble, accompanied by the Oregon Symphony, will present the Broadway Romance concert at Smith Auditorium on the Willamette University campus in Salem, Oregon this Tuesday night - November 28 - at 8 p.m.  Student discount tickets are available.  For more information:



 December 1, 2006

For anyone with a website who'd like to link back to HPN, a new link banner has been added to the Links page.  More coming soon!     There are two new links there, too.


 December 3, 2006

If you'd like to do something special for Hugh and for an awful lot of dogs and cats this holiday season, please consider joining this site in making a group donation to Broadway Barks in Hugh's name!

Hugh Panaro and Broadway Barks - Holiday Gift

December 5, 2006

Hugh Panaro will be one of the performers at Broadway On Ice at Joe's Pub in New York this coming Sunday, December 10.  Tickets are very limited, but it should be a fantastic event and it will benefit Broadway Cares.  For more information:

Broadway On Ice

December 9, 2006

Two quick holiday reminders!

If you would like to contribute to a holiday donation to Broadway Barks in Hugh's name, this is the last call!  All donations need to be in by December 15, 2006.

Hugh Panaro and Broadway Barks - Holiday Gift

One of the message board members will also be donating the high bid for this hand-painted box to Broadway Barks:

eBay - Phantom of the Opera trinket box

And, don't forget, if you're in the NYC area, Hugh will be one of the performers at the Broadway holiday concert at Joe's Pub tomorrow night!  Please see the December 5 update for the link!

December 10, 2006

Last night, Hugh really wowed the audience at the Broadway on Ice holiday concert.  His rendition of "I Don't Remember Christmas" was fantastic and so intense!  The wonderful event, organized by BroadwayWorld.com was a benefit for BC/EFA.

December 12, 2006

For fans of Lestat, which ended its Broadway run on May 28th, there is a new site to fill the void left by the closure of the official site.

New Lestat.Site

December 13, 2006

Finally, photos of Hugh Panaro performing and backstage at the Broadway On Ice concert at Joe's Pub.  They're being added to the Concerts and Candids pages of the Gallery.  Here's a preview:

Hugh Panaro at the BroadwayWorld.com holiday concert

(with Ruben Flores and Richard Jay-Alexander backstage)

Hugh Panaro

(belting out a powerful "I Don't Remember Christmas")

December 23, 2006

This week's Broadway Beat features highlights from the December 10 holiday concert at Joe's Pub, including excellent footage of Hugh's performance.

Broadway On Ice - concert highlights

December 31, 2006

Just want to wish you all a very Happy New Year from everyone here at HPN!  2006 was certainly an interesting year - from the opening of Lestat in San Francisco to the delightful video blogs leading up to the show's Broadway run, from Hugh's wonderful Bucks County Cabaret concert to his amazing performance in Company.  Here's looking to a wonderful 2007...and his solo album!

A big thank-you to all who visited HPN during the past year.  Please come back often in the new year as this site will always continue to evolve as Hugh's incredible work progresses.


~ Paula, HPN admininstrator